Miroslav Hajnos

To find a job after graduating from university is currently one of the most difficult tasks. There are always people who manage to find a job they have desired and studied for, but the percentage is very small. The rest of the people has to have jobs that we do not like in order to secure basic everyday needs for a living. However, there is still one third of Slovak students that does not find a job after graduation. We are not the only one facing difficulties in Europe. There are member states that are worse off than we are. For example, in Greece and Spain, more than half of students is unemployed, without further education, or internship.

Youth unemployment is twice as high when compared to unemployment rate of adults; 22.8 per cent which represents 5.5 million young people is sitting at home, depressed, with no motivation, no attitude and no energy…because of what?… Because of this era? Or the economic crisis? Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question. But it is in my interest to introduce to you a proposed instrument Youth Guarantee created by the European Commission. I believe, that it will help, maybe not everyone, but it might motivate young people.

Based on a request by the European Council and the European Parliament, the European Commission was supposed to introduce a package of recommendations for Member States connected to implementation of the Youth Guarantee instrument. The aim was to guarantee quality job opportunities, continuance of education or internships within 4 moths after graduating high school or university for young people up to 25 and graduates up to 30. Simply said, if you had not succeed finding a job within 4 months after your graduation, this project should help you.

Employed ones whou would lose their jobs because of the unfortunate reality of our times could use this project to help them after 4 months of unemployment. To this scheme belongs also consultations in order to improve graduate internships, as well as enhanced support for mobilities.

The European Commission has proposed a partial support of the European Social Fund and an integration into employment policies of Member States. European Commission will support full implementation of the scheme and will also organize awareness campaigns.

I would like to point out that in the 2011 there was 7.5 million unemployed people. Which means that the unemployment costs European economy more than 150 billion euros. Total cost for implementing this Youth Guarantee in each country should not be more that 21 billion euros.

This topic has reached the agenda of the European Parliament this Monday (January 14, 2013) where the issue of Youth Guarantee was discussed. Throughout the meeting various opinions were said, but I would like to mention a contribution of our Slovak Member of the European Parliament Katarína Neveďalová, who is dealing with youth and education, either in comittees or in the Bureau of the European Socialists Party.

During the meeting Katarína Neveďalová said:

Dear colleagues, dear Mr. Commissioner.

I’m glad that today we are discussing the situation of young people in Europe again. Unfortunately, we have to discuss it again, because it is what it is and it is a big problem. Personally, I am glad that it was the initiative of socialists and the European Socialists Party that might have inspired the European Commission to deal with this important issue.

I think that to secure young people and to support them to acquire further education, internship or possibly a job, as proposed by Mr. Commissioner Andor, is the way out of this problem that we are dealing with today.

As the European Union we need to realize, that to invest into young people is really an investment into the future and that programme like this, on the European level, provides us with the finances that the Member States unfortunately do not,have. According to our calculations, we now know that only 10 billion euros is enough to create 2 million jobs. With youth unemployment, which is about 5 and a half million it is a real possibility and we would only need about 30 billion euros for creating jobs for all of them. We think that if we invest into young people, our investments will return back to us one day. And I hope that the European Parliament will help the European Commission with presenting these and further proposals.

Many people in a business sector are against this Youth Guarantee as they claim that the EU should not help to create artificial jobs. That it might cause a distortion of a labour market in Europe. I am not an economist, I cannot say whether it’s right or wrong. But I can say one thing – dispair, disgust, no motivation and depression of young people is the real cause of distortion of Europe. I think it is very human to help the drowning ones! To offer an opportunity, motivation and new enthusiasm is not only human, but right now also important, life saving and European! Every single human element creates the future of Europe. Let’s take care of it.

Let’s get the European Youth started!

Miroslav Hajnoš

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