Miroslav Hajnos


European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude is an informal civil participation forum created by Miroslav Hajnos. This project is based upon the idea of fostering the European identity in these particularly tough times. We, European citizens believe, that the power of the EU lies within every single one of us. It is us, who chose the fate of the EU and it is us, who will live in the world that we decide upon. Today, we are more close to a federation than ever before. This means, that we share the impact of our victories and the impact of our defeats as well. Although in the present, we are struggling with a widespread economic crisis, we call upon our fellow citizens to rely on certain basic principles. European solidarity, support of European civil initiatives, transparency and credibility of information dissemination, and protection of human rights. The means to achieve our goals are: stressing the importance of political involvement of citizens as a key to making democracy work, raising public awareness, addressing European political issues and elaborating on their possible solutions within the framework of both international and intercultural dialogue.

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